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      Gold medal quality

      Strict quality control, for you to cast first-class products

      • 18 years

        Professional coating production enterprises

      • Product sales nationwide

        Stable and competitive products
        High quality paint

      • 12K plant area

        Excellent geographical conditions and convenient transportation

      • 100% after-sales service

        Win customers' support and trust
        Customer's support and trust

      Product center

      Competitive products and perfect services

      • UV curable coatings

      • TK series hardware lacquer

      • TR series elastic paint

      • TH series double component coating

      • TAB series of high alcohol resistant&high wear resistant single component coatings

      • TA series of single component coatings

      • Water paint for steel frame structure and outdoor facilities

      • Water paint for construction machinery and auto parts

      • Water paint for metal kettle, water cup

      • Water paint for motor, water pump and equipment

      • Hardware tools, lamps waterborne paint

      • Glass products waterborne paint

      • Water paint for plastic

      • Waterborne multifunctional protective primer

      • Water-based multifunctional protective top coating

      • Water-borne multifunctional protective varnish


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