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      • Water - based industrial paint should be paid attention to in the construction process

        The choice of thinner for water-based industrial paint: in normal season, water-based industrial paint is used to choose thinner, and tap water can be satisfied. But in a very cold winter. If you use tap water as a diluent, it will directly affect the drying rate of the paint, so you can choose warm water of about 50 degrees

        2017-12-11 1985

      • The interior paint of the car is composed of which parts

        As you all know, if you want to decorate the car, you need some interior paint to help you finish. There are many kinds of paint in car interior. But the foundations are roughly the same. So, how do car interior paint make up?

        2017-12-05 1931

      • Characteristics and use of water-based anti-corrosion paint

        在日常生活中。 水性防腐漆以其水為稀釋劑,由脂肪酸樹脂、顏料、防銹顏料、助劑和去離子水組成,并且組成成分中不含有甲苯、二甲苯,甲醛的有害物質,被大量用于家庭中的窗戶,墻面表皮,和家中電器等金屬制品上

        2017-11-30 1922

      • What are the advantages of water-based coatings?


        2017-11-27 1888

      • Why water industrial lacquer is environmentally friendly


        2017-11-23 1899

      • What are the types of automotive interior paint?


        2017-11-21 1877

      • What are the advantages of water-based anticorrosion paint?


        2017-11-14 1859

      • The present situation and development trend of waterborne coatings

        From the point of coatings enterprises, Chinas oil paint market has been in the mature stage, in the production of coating equipment, personnel, construction habits and a series of has stabilized, if you want to use water-based paint, is bound to the above several aspects of the comprehensive improvement

        2017-11-13 2461

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